Sebastian Drzewiecki, Head Of Business Service Center GSK

„Experienced leaders are aware that each day brings changes and the opportunities for change.  It is common, today, for companies to embrace complex change programmes in order to adapt to changing environments or to grow into new markets.  These programmes can be transitional – do what we do better and more efficiently, or move into new geographies or market sectors – or they can be transformational – do any of those things but, in doing so, become something different.  Transitional programmes are complex but predictable, transformational programmes, by their very nature, are unpredictable but can release enormous untapped potential – the caterpillar does not know what it is to become before it changes.  Both forms of programme require a broad range of management and leadership skills – skills that can be learned and developed. I am deeply convinced that Transition Manager Academy will meet the expectations of both experienced leaders and those wishing to start their career in such projects; participation in the program will enable both to prepare and to broaden horizons and discuss the challenges and observations with other leaders.”


Sylwia Kujawska-Frydrych, Managing Partner, Amberstone Associates

„The point is that project management is not about schedules, processes and tools. It’s about building relationships with people, quality of communication, leadership value and responsibility for change. The good thing is that this competence can be learnt and further developed, you can also cherish it. Transition Manager Academy, with its unique content and unique trainers, is an excellent way to achieve a master level in the field of project management.”

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